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Preparation for the Military: Tamir Mechina

The TAMIR Mechina is a one to one and a half year residential program that prepares 18-19 year old high school graduates for a meaningful military experience, i.e., a service that is filled with a sense of mission to one's family, community, country and indeed, to the Jewish People.

The training and challenges in the program enable youth to discover their inner strengths and potential and build a positive self-image. The Mechina experience fills them with motivation to serve in the Israeli military and contribute to bettering society.

The Mechina curriculum encompasses four areas:

1. An educational program that instills Jewish, Zionist and humanitarian values.

2. The "TAMIR in Action" program that involves a range of experiential activities to improve self-image, develop responsibility and leadership.

3. Physical and emotional preparation for upcoming military service, includes acquaintance with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and personal guidance so that each student can select the options within the military that will make his experience the most meaningful.

4. The "Follower to Leader" program in which students take on social leadership roles as volunteers in the community. They become involved in initiating and implementing a variety of social and educational volunteer projects under the supervision of students in the TAMIR Graduate Track.

The TAMIR Mechina is in its seventh year and boasts 200 successful graduates, all of whom are serving/have served successfully in the IDF, with over 32% becoming officers and the majority planning to continue their education after military service. These statistics are unprecedented for our target population, where statistically only 48% of youth with the same profiles as TAMIR graduates (age, background, schools attended, socio-economic status, etc.) even serve in the IDF.