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The Graduate Track

The TAMIR Graduate Track runs in parallel with the TAMIR Preparatory Program – Mechina - and is designed for graduates of high school, and of preparatory programs who have successfully completed compulsory military service in the Israel Defense forces (IDF). The program is tailored to both single and married young men who seek to develop themselves through religious and academic studies and contributing to the community.

The curriculum includes Bible and Talmud with an emphasis on the acquisition of skills to analyze texts. In addition there are classes that grapple with issues of religious faith, preparation for family life, practical halacha (religious law).

The program also includes study trips, Rosh Chodesh celebrations and encounters with leading rabbinic figures in Israel.

All the Graduate Track students invest a minimum of 9 hours/week in volunteer work in the community with children with learning disabilities, youth at risk, seniors in need, and projects to serve the needy. The volunteer experience is accompanied by discussion with rabbinic instructors about Jewish attitudes and teachings on charity and community.

TAMIR provides participants in the program with room, board, and scholarships to enable them to fulfill their aspirations and potential.